Seeking for a pet monkey toy? So Furreal Monkey is the one that you are searching for. Get your really own baby monkey who behaves like the genuine thing. This monkey pet functions over 100 sounds, moves, and reactions, providing it to responds just like a real monkey!

furreal monkey specifications:

Cuddles My Giggly Monkey pet reacts when you play with her
Make monkey giggles sounds when you cuddle or tickle her
Monkey will closes her eyes during bed time
Pet comes with bottle, diaper and pet care guide
Requires 4 C batteries (not included)

furreal friends monkey Attributes

This pet monkey performs like a genuine one and children will be able to play the whole day away and enjoy at the time. Like a real baby monkey, Furreal Friends Monkey likes bananas! She reacts with sweet monkey laughter and cute, lifelike moves. Tickle her belly and she will giggle and wiggle. She will act with over-the-top monkey laughter to show how much fun she’s having while you swing her around! She even knows when she’s upside down! When playtime is over, you can sit Cuddles down, and she will keep on to move and make sounds to grab your interest. She’s always ready to play again!


Kids will have a lot of fun with Furreal Monkey Pet toy because she can be dressed quickly. They will be enjoying with her all the time and see that her drops are like those of a real baby or something like that. A girl can feed her,tickle her, dress her, and do anything she wants with this awesome toy. Cuddles will go to sleep if it is not used for a couple of minutes.

furreal monkey is an Advanced Toy
Cuddle uses a semi-pro technology to make your daughter happy with all her life. The look and sounds of this doll are lovable, and its price is realistic as well.

furreal monkey has 100-Plus Responses
Furreal Friends has more than 100 responses, like moving her head,blinking heer eyes, opening, closing and moving her mouth! She reacts to tickling and being swung right side up and upside down. She makes several sounds that indicate all of her monkey mood. She will come with a banana bottle that can fit in her hand and a removable diaper.

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